Reality Reciprocity Virtuality
National design competition Canadian architecture pavilion : Reciprocity. Projet : Reality Reciprocity Virtuality (Integration of the virtual reality into constructed reality)
Reciprocity and complementarity between virtual and real world.
3 locations :
1. Modules and the object being exposed*.
2. Pavilion in the lagoon
3. Virtual space : constructed

3 types of experiences :
1. Physical journey across Venice
    (from module to module)
2. Virtual journey from one of the modules
    (From module to module into an architectural virtual world)
3. Crossing by boat to the glass pavilion. All the module data is virtualy presented into a same location. No physical obect are presented.
* Numérical creation whitout any physical reprsentation can be directly exposed into the virtual world.

© Doru Bumbaru (1991 -- 2002)

Exposition module : scattering of the phisical exposition space, artistic works are presented at various modules in Venice. Access to the virtual pavilion network.

Pavilion : elevation